Photo Studios
A selection of IncuHive spaces also feature on-site photo and video studios, operating under the "HiveStudios" brand. These are available to hire by the hour, including all the kit & you just need to bring the camera!
  • Exclusive
  • HiveStudios Photography & Video Studio Space
  • £15.00
  • Per Hour
  • HiveStudios offer a range of photography and video studio hire options at selected IncuHive Spaces. Available to rent by the hour including all the lighting kit, props and equipment you could ever need!
  • Professional Photo/Video Studios
  • Lighting Equipment Included
  • Flexible 1 Hour Bookings
  • Range of Rental Options
  • Expert Help & Support
  • Changing Room Facilities
  • 24/7 Smart Card Access
  • Book A Studio Now

HiveStudios Photo/Video Studio Spaces...

A selection of IncuHive Spaces provide on-site professional photography and videography studio spaces for rental by IncuHive members and the wider public. With a simple hourly fee for rental it gives you access to a professional studio for photo, video and similar work without the massive costs!

HiveStudios all offer a range of dedicated studio space, often including large white infinity coves alongside a range of paper backdrops as needed. Some studio spaces also offer a wide range of pre-setup locations and “sets” ready to shoot a range of content in with little setup hassle and time wasting.

HiveStudios come equipped, and including in the hourly rental, with a huge range of photo and video equipment. From Bowens flash lights to 1000watt LED video panels, stands, softboxes and much more. We have it all covered and all you really need to bring is your camera!

All HiveStudios are accessed via secure 24/7 smartcard systems and feature bright daylight balanced LED lighting. IncuHive Spaces have CCTV across studio spaces to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all.

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our post box rental service for registered office use which often suits freelance photographers, to bookkeeping, web development and our engineering “fab labs” for product development and design. We also offer a range of desk and office rental options as your photography business grows!

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