Retail Space
We operate a range of IncuHive retail spaces offering business hub support services for the high street alongside "pop-up" shop services to try out retail ideas without the overheads!
  • Exclusive
  • IncuHive Retail Spaces
  • £350.00
  • Per Month
  • Test out your retail concept on the high street with a dedicated pop up style shop at an IncuHive retail space. No long leases or massive overheads, simply give you idea a whirl and see if you can survive on the high street!
  • Dedicated Retail Space
  • High Street Locations
  • Easy Short Term Contracts
  • IncuHive Support Services
  • 24/7 Smart Card Access
  • Flexible Use Space
  • Access to IncuHive Events

IncuHive Retail Spaces...

Certain IncuHive Spaces are based on the High Street, often combining an enterprise hub for the community alongside shop rental space, prefect for trying out an idea on the high street without the worry of high start-up costs and long leases!

Our retail spaces offer affordable high steep shop space alongside many of the standard IncuHive offerings, including virtual office space, desk space rental, office spaces and our range of services around mentoring, investment and training.

The retail spaces are dedicated to your shop front setup and we offer short rental periods and no deposits required. Simply setup and start trading on the high street with minimal fuss and worry!

IncuHive Spaces also have a range of in-house services to support businesses of all levels, from our post box rental service for registered office use, to bookkeeping, web development and a range of desk and office rental options as your business grows!

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